Math 22, Summer 2013, Syllabus (subject to change)

Linear Algebra with Applications

Dartmouth College, Department of Mathematics




Instructor information:



Dr. Olivia Prosper

Office: 308 Kemeny Hall

Phone: 603-646-9837

Office hours: Mondays 2:00-4:00

                      Wednesdays 1:00-2:00

                      By appointment








Linear Algebra and Its Applications by David C. Lay, Fourth Edition.


Class Meetings:


Classes meet for three 65-minute lectures each week (MWF 11:15-12:20).  Students should keep x-hours open.  Instructor will inform students in advance if they are expected to attend an x-hour.

x-hour: Tu 12-12:50





There will be two midterm exams.  The final exam has been scheduled by the Registrar's office for Saturday, August 24 at 8am. Don't make any travel plans that might conflict with this time - all Math 22 students must be present. Here is the schedule of the two midterm exams and final:


·     Midterm 1: Monday, July 15, 3:30-5:00pm, Kemeny 008

·     Midterm 2: Monday, August 12, 3:30-5:00pm, Kemeny 008 (Covers 3.2-5.3 with the exception of Markov Chains)

·     Final Exam: Saturday, August 24 at 8am



Practice problems will be assigned for each lecture.  These practice problems are not to be turned in, but students must work through them carefully in order to learn the material. 


One assignment will be due at the beginning of lecture each Wednesday.  This assignment to turn in will consist of a set of problems assigned for each lecture of the preceding week.  Late homework will not be accepted.  Instead, your lowest homework grade will be dropped to provide some leeway for missing a Wednesday class, illness, etc.


Assignments to turn in should be written neatly, with clear handwriting and clear explanations using a mixture of words and equations to describe your thought-process.  They should be written on 8.5x11” paper and stapled together.  Where relevant, site the theorems you are using to justify your steps.  You will not receive full credit for a homework problem if no justification for your answer is provided.


All homework assignments will be posted under the Homework link in the toolbar on the left.


In addition to the practice problems and graded problems, students are expected to read each section before attempting the corresponding assignment.


Class Participation:


Students are expected to attend every lecture and participate in in-class activities.  These activities will compose 10% of your final grade.  One assignment will be dropped at the end of term to provide some leeway in the event that a student must miss class due to illness, etc.  Class participation will include activities such as group work. 


Office Hours:


Students are strongly encouraged to attend office hours when they have questions about the course material.  Students may show up anytime during the scheduled office hours (see instructor info above), or may schedule an appointment with their instructor to meet outside the scheduled office hours.


Academic Honor Principle:


On the two midterms and the final examination you will work individually, guided by the Dartmouth Academic Honor Principle. On the homework exercises, you are encouraged to form small study groups and work collaboratively. However, collaboration does not include copying someone else's work – a clear violation of the Honor Principle. Feel free to talk with other students about the material; when it comes to writing up the homework, however, you should do this by yourself without outside assistance.




The course grade will be based upon the scores of the two midterm exams, the final examination, the homework, and class participation as follows:


·     2 Midterms: 20% each

·     Final Exam: 30%

·     Homework: 20%

·     Class Participation: 10%


If you wish to dispute a grade, you must bring the relevant assignment to your instructor within a week of receiving it.  Students are responsible for saving all assignments as a record of their grades and participation.  These will also be useful in preparation for exams.


Students’ Religious Observances:

Some students may wish to take part in religious observances that occur during this academic term.  If you have a religious observance that conflicts with your participation in the course, please meet with your instructor before the end of the second week of the term to discuss appropriate accommodations.



We encourage students with documented disabilities, including "invisible" disabilities such as chronic diseases, learning disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities, to discuss possible accommodations with one of your instructors. Students might want to consult as well Student Accessibility Services, 301 Collis Center, ext. 6-2014. In addition to providing information and services, the office can assist with determining appropriate accommodations and registering them.  Please provide documentation within the first two weeks of the term.


Flu or serious illness:

If you contract the flu or other serious illness, please contact your professor by email. Please do not come to class if you have an influenza-like illness. The Math 22 website contains the complete class schedule, so you will know what you've missed and how to keep up.  For more information on what to do if you believe you have the flu, see the Dartmouth web page devoted to this topic.