Math 23, Autumn 2004: Exam information

Midterm: The exam will have two parts. Part 1 will be an in class, closed book exam on Wed 11/3, although you will be allowed a single-sided sheet of handwritten notes. Part 2 is a take-home, open book exam. It will be given out on Wed 11/3 and is due in on Mon 11/8 in class (or beforehand to my office). The two parts will be equally weighted.

For Part 2 you may use any books or electronic resources you wish. However you are asked not to discuss the exam with anyone else.

The homework for that week will be reduced to allow time for the take-home exam.

Solutions to in-class midterm
Solutions to take-home midterm

Final: Time: Sat. Dec 4th, 8-11 am; Location: Bradley 102.

The exam will be split into two sections, both taking place during the 3 hour slot described above. Section A, worth 70% of the points, is a straight-forward answer all questions exam. Section B, worth 30%, will consist of 4 problems or which the student will be asked to choose 2. You will be allowed a double-sided sheet of handwritten notes. Blank scratch paper will also be provided, but is for rough work only and may not be handed in with the exam.

Sample Exam Questions
Answer Key Misprint in Q3 corrected
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