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Differential Equations

Instructor: Rustam Sadykov
Course: Differential Equations, M23
Fluid simulation

A differential equation is an equation that defines a relationship between a function and its derivatives. These are essential for contemporary science as many fundamental laws in the real world are best described in terms of differential equations. In this fast paced introductory course we learn how to solve the simplest ones by elementary methods. The list of topics includes first order differential equations, linear equations, series solutions of second order linear equations, Laplace transform, nonlinear differential equations, and partial differential equations and Fourier series.

The picture at the top of the page is linked (just click on it) to a video by Losasso, F., Talton, J., Kwatra, N. and Fedkiw, R at where one can find a collection of impressive graphic solutions to differential equations.  See their paper to get an idea how it is done.