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Dec. 2, 2pm  Final examination classroom assignments have been posted here.

MATH23 Sadykov, RustamTuesday, December 9, 8:00-11:00Kemeny 007

Oct. 24, 7pm  
Some of you suggested that each time I post reading assignment for the whole week before Monday. I think that it is a good idea and I will try to do it in future (see Reading Assignment for the next week).

Oct. 24, 7pm  I posted a few more answers to your questions.

Oct. 24, 7pm  
Next week we will go over series solutions (Chapter 5). I plan that we spend only 2-3 lectures on Chapter 5, so the pace may be fast.  If you need a review of power series, you may want to look through section 5.1 in advance.

Oct. 24, 7pm
Note that at the back of the textbook there are answers to almost all problems. You may want to verify your answers when you do your HW and I encourage you to do so.

Oct. 21, 9pm  
Quiz 2 will cover problems from L7-L12. All problems will be similar to those we discussed in class. It is very important that you review how to solve homogeneous linear equations in all cases that arise; namely the cases of single and repeated roots, real and complex roots. It is also very important that you review the forms of particular solutions of nonhomogeneous equations (either L10, page 5; or textbook Table 3.6.1).  

Oct. 21, 9pm  
Today I received many questions. I am posting answers to some questions. Hope it will be helpful.

Oct. 18, 2am  
Some of you asked me about the average for Quiz 1. It is 38/43.

You may want to read through and think over suggestions of your fellow students (thanks a lot to everyone who shared his/her experience!).

Oct. 17, 5pm  
Thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions. It seems that most of you did like to have practice time during lectures so we will continue to do so. I will also continue to distribute lecture notes till the end of the term.

Oct. 7, 11am  
These days I received many questions. I put answers to a few of them for everyone on Q/A page

Sept. 30, 3pm  On Wednesday we will discuss Theorem 2.6.1 on exact equations. The proof of the theorem is somewhat involved. Because of that I strongly recommend that you read the proof before the lecture.

Sept. 30, 3pm Some of you asked me questions that I think might be interesting to others as well. You may find these questions and answers here.

Sept. 29, 3pm As has been announced in class, today I have extended OH, from 3pm till 6 pm. Tomorrow my office hours are from 4pm till 6pm. Besides, tomorrow we have a tutorial session from 6pm till 8pm (meet Patricia Cahn in her office, Kemeny Hall, room 243). Schedule and location of future tutorial sessions can be found here

Sept. 25, 8pm  
Problems for L2 have been posted

Sept. 25, 3pm  There was a misprint on the Syllabus page. The Midterm is scheduled on November 5, not October 29. The information on the Course Calendar page was correct.

Sept. 24, 4pm  Problems for L1 have been posted here.  Reading assignment is here. HW is due Wednesday, next week. It should be submitted together with HW that will be assigned on Friday. 

Sept. 23, 1pm  
The place has been changed. Lectures will be in Thornton 105, not in Gilman Hall 101.  

Sept. 18, 3pm  This course is standard. For a tentative schedule and topics you may browse through websites of M23 lectured in previous years, e.g, this one.      
Sept. 18, 3pm  The first class will be on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 10:00-11:05.

Sept. 18, 3pm   Welcome to the website of the course M23, Differential equations. Now the website is still under construction and, in particular, some of its content can be modified before Fall term classes begin.