Math 23
Differential Equations
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General Information

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An introduction to ordinary differential equations and boundary value problems (eighth edition) by Boyce and di Prima
(Available at Wheelock Books)

Scheduled Lectures

MWF 12:30 - 1:35
(x-hour) Tu 1 - 1:50
006 Kemeny Hall


Professor Scott D. Pauls
Office: 303 Kemeny Hall
Office Hours: Thursday 1-2, Friday 1:35-2:35 or by appointment
Phone: 646 - 1047 or email (preferred)


There will be one midterm examination and a final examination. The hour exam will come in two parts, an in-class portion in the xhour, followed by a take-home portion handed out in the xhour and due the next day. The exams are scheduled as follows:

Midterm Exam April 24, 2007 In class / Takehome exam
Final Exam June 1, 2007 3pm

Homework Policy


The course grade will be based upon the scores on the midterm exam, homework, and the final exam as follows:

Midterm Exam 20 percent
Homework 50 percent
Final Exam 30 percent

The Honor Principle

On Exams: No help given or received

On Homework: Collaboration on homework is permitted and encouraged, but obviously it is a violation of the honor code for someone to provide the answers for you. The work you turn in should be written in your own words and reflect your own understanding.


Students with disabilities who will be taking this course and may need disability-related classroom accommodations are encouraged to make an appointment to see their instructor as soon as possible. Also, they should stop by the Academic Skills Center in Collis Center to register for support services.

Scott D. Pauls
Last updated June 25, 2009 14:49:14 EDT