Math 23

Differential Equations

Tentative Lecture plan

For the section taught by Vladimir Chernov




This lecture plan is tentative and will be updated irregularly. The homework page will be updated on the regular basis



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Monday March 30, 2009

1.1, 1.2 and start 1.3

Differential equations, solution, direction fields

Wednesday April 1

We do have a lecture this is not a joke

1.3, 2.1

Classification of differential equations, Linear and Separable equations, integrating factors

Friday April 3

2.2, 2.4

Nonlinear equations, and more about

Monday April 6


Modeling with differential equations

Wednesday April 8

2.5, 2.6

Autonomous equations and population dynamics. Start Exact equations.

Friday April 10


Exact equations integrating factors

Monday April 13

Final day for electing to use the Non-Recording Option.

3.1, 3.2

Homogeneous equations with constant coefficients, their solutions, Wronskian

Wednesday April 15

3.3, 3.4

Complex roots, repeated roots

Friday April 17


Reduction of order

Monday April 20


Non-homogeneous equations, method of undetermined coefficients

Tuesday April 21

x-hour instead of the class on Friday April 24

First Midterm Exam 6-8 PM in Carpenter 013


Variation of parameter

Wednesday April 22

3.7, 3.8

Mechanical and Electrical vibrations, forced vibrations

Friday April 24

No class for Chernovís Section



Monday April 27

4.1, 4.2

N-th order linear differential equations, homogeneous equations with constant coefficients

Wednesday April 29


Method of undetermined coefficients

Friday May 1

5.1, 5.2

Powers series and series solutions near an ordinary point

Monday May 4

5.3, 5.4

Series solutions near an ordinary and near a regular singular point

Wednesday May 6

7.1, 7.2

Introduction to systems of first order linear differential equations, review of matricies

Friday May 8


Linear independence, eigen values and eigen vectors

Monday May 11

7.4, 7.5

Some basic theory of systems of first order differential equations, systems with constant coefficients

Tuesday May 12



Complex Eigen Values

Wednesday May 13

Second Midterm Exam 6-8 PM in Carpenter 013


Repeated eigen values

Friday May 15



Monday May 18

Note that Tuesday May 19 is the final day to withdraw from a course


Two point boundary value problem

Wednesday May 20


Fourier Series

Friday May 22

10.3, 10.4

Fourier Convergence Theorem, Even and odd functions and their fourier series

Monday May 25

Memorial Day Holiday

No class



Wednesday May 27

Final day to alter grade limit filed under the Non-Recording Option.


Separation of variables heat conduction in a rod

Friday May 29


Other heat conduction problems

Monday June 1


Wave equation

June 3-4 Pre-Examination Break



Math 23 Final Exam is 3-6 PM Friday June 5

in Moore Filene

Final Examinations begin on Friday June 5 and end on Tuesday June 9