Math 23
Differential equations
Last updated April 4, 2014

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The Big Green Ordinary Differential Equation Machine
Direction Field and Solution Plotter
Another Direction Field Plotter
Phase Portraits

Documents for Archer's Section
Questionnaire for March 28 and Answers/Responses to Questionnaire
Example from April 2
Questionnaire for April 4 and Answers/Responses to Questionnaire
Questionnaire for April 11 and Answers/Responses to Questionnaire
Example from April 11
Roadmap for Second Order Linear Differential Equations
Linear Algebra Notes (Corrected Version)
Responses to Questionnaire for April 18
Questionnaire for April 25 and Answers/Responses to Questionnaire
Extra Repeated Eigenvalues example
Example from April 25
Power Series Notes
Questionnaire for May 2 and Answers/Responses to Questionnaire
Series Solutions Notes
General Steps for series solution around a regular singular point
Example from May 2
Example from May 5

FERPA form
If you are interested in learning TeX (for the homework or for the paper or just for fun), you might want to attend the mini-course being offered this term. See this flyer for information.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Video
"Fun with Fourier Analysis" Talk
Fourier Demo
Fourier Transform gif
Vibrating String
Standing Waves
Vibrating Violin String
2d wave equation -- rectangle
Chladni plates
Bessel Functions
Vibrating circular membrane
Vibrating circular membrane (wiki)
Vibrating Drumhead
Vocal experiment