Maple Information

  • Maple V can be downloaded from Public at Public/Licensed Software/ Key Server Controlled/Limited Support/Maple V
  • Information about installing Maple can be found at the mathematics department's Software Resources page.
  • A basic introduction to Maple (in PDF format - you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it) can be downloaded
  • Once you've installed Maple, start it up and try it out. Here are a few differential equations-related commands to try. Hit the "enter" key after them, not the "return" key; also, those semicolons at the end are necessary.
    > plot([exp(t)+exp(-t),2*exp(t)-exp(-t),t=-1..1]);
    this will create a parametric plot with x=e^t+e^(-t),y=2e^t-e^(-t), -1<=t<=1
    > with(DEtools);
    this loads some extra tools for solving d.e. problems
    > dfieldplot((2*x+y)/(x-y),[x,y],x=0..5,y=0..5);
    this creates a direction field for dy/dx=(2*x+y)/(x-y), with x and y running between 0 and 5
    > ?dfieldplot
    this brings up a help page for the command "dfieldplot"