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Class Date: January 7th, 2000 Home Page

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Class Date: January 10th, 2000 Home Page

Logistics Equation (section 2.6)
Sequences and Series (section 5.2)

Class Date: January 12th, 2000 Home Page

Summary of results concerning sequences and series

Class Date: January 19th, 2000 Home Page

Ordinary Second Order Linear Differential Equations With Constant Coefficients
Solving Second Order Linear Differential Equations With Constant Coefficients

Class Date: January 21st, 2000 Home Page

Solving second order linear D.E.'s with constant coefficients when the characteristic equation has complex conjugate roots

Class Date: January 24th, 2000 Home Page

I handed out a copy of Chapter 11 of Crowell & Slesnick's Calculus with Analytic Geometry. If you weren't in class, you will need to make sure you get a copy from me.

Class Date: January 26th, 2000 Home Page

Vector Spaces

Note: I announced in class that I would not have you prove that something is a vector space on a test. However, you should be familiar with the definitions given here, as we will use them frequently, and you might need to know them to answer test questions.

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