Math 23: Differential Equations

Winter 2013

LIF visualization of a turbulent jet (C. Fukushima & J. Westerweel)

Look here for more pictures and brief explanations


Written Homework

In general written homework will be assigned each Wednesday and will be collected the following Wednesday. Your assignments must be turned in at the beginning of class. Please note that the assignemtns will be divided into two parts (Part A and Part B). You must turn in a separate write-up for each part. If you have signed and returned the FERPA waiver, we will return your homework to you in class. If you do not sign the waiver, then you can collect your homework from your instructor during office hours by presenting your Dartmouth ID.

Honor Code: We encourage you to form study groups to discuss course material and homework problems. However, the assignments you turn in should be in your own words and handwriting. Also, the names of others you consulted with must appear at the top of your assignment.


Assignment 1 (Due Jan. 16) HW1
Assignment 2 (Due Jan. 23) HW2
Assignment 3 (Due Jan. 30) HW3
Assignment 4 ( Due Feb. 6) HW4
Assignment 5 (Due Feb. 13) HW5
Assignment 6 (Due Feb. 20) HW6
Assignment 7 (Will Not be collected) HW7
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Last Updated 7 February, 2013