Applications of Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is a very powerful subject because of its wide range of applications to other branches of science. For instance, computer science (image processing), statistics, physics, engineering, economics as well as social and natural sciences. In addition linear algebra is used in geometry, differential equations and analysis. The purpose of this project is for you to learn about applications of Linear Algebra.
One of the goals of the course is to introduce you to "abstract mathematics". Therefore you will see an emphasis on proofs and abstract concepts.

Because of the level of abstraction in this course, I am afraid that it will escape your notice that Linear Algebra is not only beautiful but also extremely useful. Unfortunately, the quarter is too short for I to cover the applications as well.

Your project is to find an application of Linear Algebra to other fields of science, including other areas of mathematics. The mathematics library is located in the second floor of Bradley Hall.

This is intended as a group project. Your group should consist of no more than 3 people.

Here are some preliminary deadlines (subject to change if the instructor thinks is necessary):

  10/3/2001 --- Submit names of group members.

10/15/2001 --- One page project proposal is due. (I suggest that you talk to me before then, so that you don't spend too much time on something that I might not approve.)

  11/8/2001 --- Project presentation during the X-hour begin. Your report is due at the time of your presentation (5 pages).

Your project will be evaluated in the following categories:

  Content of Linear Algebra (after all this is a Linear Algebra class).

 How well you explain your application both orally and written.


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