Welcome to Linear Algebra!

This website will be the repository of homework assignments, exam information, and announcements. Check here first when you realize you're missing some key piece of information; I will try to keep it up to the minute.

Homework assignments


We have a room for the final exam (Friday June 2, 8-11 am): Bradley 105 (across the hall from our regular classroom).

Handouts new since the second quiz:
a review for the final
some answers to assignment 5 (2.2-3)
some answers to assignment 6 (2.4)
some answers to assignment 7 (2.5, 3.1)
some answers to assignment 8 (3.2-3)
some answers to problems from 3.4 and 4.4
some answers to problems from 5.1-2

Handouts available as pdf files:
the syllabus
induction worksheet from April 13
proof-writing tips handout returned with the first proof assignment
complete answers to assignment 1 (groups/fields)
some answers to assignment 2 (1.2-1.5)
some answers to assignments 3 and 4 (1.6, 2.1 respectively)
review for the first quiz
review for the midterm
miscellaneous thoughts on the midterm, including some comments/hints on the homework for May 5
review for the second quiz

Basic Information

Instructor: Rebecca Weber
Office: 412 Bradley Hall, 646-1720 (better to e-mail)
E-mail: Blitz, or rweber@math.dartmouth.edu
Office Hours: MW after class to noon, Th 2:30-3:30

Graduate Instructor: Jonathan Bayless
Office: 1-H Bradley Hall, 646-2565
E-mail: Blitz
Office Hours: 3-4 Tu, 4-5 Th

Course Meets: 10 hour, 10:00-11:05 MWF, Bradley 104
X-hour: Thursday 12:00-12:50, Bradley 104
Tutorials Meet: TuTh 7-9 pm, Bradley 13
Textbook: Linear Algebra, fourth edition, Friedberg, Insel, and Spence

Last Updated May 30, 2006