François Dorais
Weekly schedule
Fairchild 405
Mon 10:00–10:50
Wed 10:00–10:50
Thu 12:00–12:50
Fri 10:00–10:50
Kemeny 108
Sun 7:00–8:30
Tue 7:00–8:30
Thu 7:00–8:30
Office Hours
Kemeny 317
Mon 1:30–2:45
Wed 1:30–2:45
Thu 1:30–2:45
And by appointment.


Freidberg, Insel, Spence, Linear Algebra, 4th edition, Pearson.
ISBN 0130084514


There will be three exams for Math 24: two take-home exams and one in-class final.

Take Home 1 Take Home 2 Final Exam
Due April 25 by 3pm Due June 1 by 3pm May 31, 8:00–11:00

There will also be regular in-class quizzes starting in the second week of clases.


Regular homework for Math 24 will consist of textbook problems to help you get familiar with the material covered. These problems will be assigned daily after we cover the relevant material in class. These problems are due on the following Wednesday, regardless of which day they were assigned.

Each regular homework problem will be graded on a scale from 1 to 5 according to the following criteria:

  1. You misunderstood the problem.
  2. You clearly understood the problem but you were unable to solve it.
  3. You clearly understood the problem and you made progress toward a solution, but your proposed solution had critical errors.
  4. You clearly understood the problem and you made progress toward a solution, but your proposed solution had correctable errors.
  5. You clearly understood the problem and you solved it correctly.
A grade of zero will be given for missing problems or where no reasonable attempt was made toward a solution.

Special homework for Math 24 will consist of proof assignments. These will be assigned every Friday will be due on the following Friday. Special assignments will be graded on a credit or no credit basis. However, you can repeat special assignments as many times as you wish until you earn credit.


Your course grade will be the largest of the following two computations:

Option A Option B
Regular Homework 10% 10%
Special Homework 10% 10%
Quizzes 20% 10%
Take-Home 1 20% 20%
Take-Home 2 20% 20%
In-Class Final 20% 30%


Tutorials will be run by our teaching assistant Tim Dwyer every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 in Kemeny 108.

Tutorials are an additional resource for you to get help with the course. Similarly to office hours, they are times set aside for you to come for assistance with material. They are also a great place to work on homework problems with other classmates.

Honor Principle

In Math 24, the Academic Honor Principle is interpreted as follows.

On Exams:
No assistance may be given or received.
On Homework:
Collaboration and discussion is strongly encouraged. You may work on problems with instructors and classmates, with proper acknowledgement. You may use notes, books, or any resource you deem useful, with proper acknowledgement. However, you must write your assignment solutions on your own and in your own words.

Students with questions about the application of the honor principle in a specific case should seek advice from their instructor.

Special Considerations

Students with disabilities of any nature who are enrolled in this course are encouraged to discuss these matters with their instructor privately as early as possible. All such discussions will remain strictly confidential.

Students requiring disability-related accommodations should contact the Student Accessibility Service (SAS) office. The SAS office will then contact your instructor to make any special arrangements you require.

Students who expect to need schedule adjustments for religious reasons or because of commitments to jobs, athletics, or other extracurricular activities, should contact the instructor as soon as possible to discuss possibilities for special arrangements.