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On this page you will find links to various things that have been handed out in class, notes, and so forth.

Here are some notes on fields, which we discussed on the first day of class.

Here is the challenge problem that came up in class on Wednesday, January 20.

Click on the names to find sample proof write-up. A proof about fields. A proof of problem (2) on Friday 1/8. A proof by induction. A proof of VS3 in special assignment I.

Click on the date to find a copy of the problem set we worked on in class: Wednesday 1/6; Thursday 1/7; Friday 1/8; Monday 1/11; Friday 1/15; Thursday 1/21; Friday 1/22; Monday 1/25. Wednesday 1/27 (with some solutions). Friday 1/29 (with some solutions). Monday 2/1 (with some solutions). Friday 2/5 (with some solutions). Monday 2/8 (with some solutions). Wednesday 2/10 (with some solutions). Monday 2/15 (with some solutions). Wednesday 2/17 (with some solutions). A solution to the first problem from Friday 2/19. A solution to the third problem from Friday 2/19. Wednesday 2/24 (with some solutions). Friday 2/26 (with some solutions).

Here are some further notes on the example we did in class on Friday, March 5, of the least-squares method for fitting a line to data.

Click on the week to find the special homework assignment (for weeks when this assignment is not a problem from the book). Week 1. Week 2. Week 3. Week 4. (Week 4 will be the last special assignment until after the midterm; there will be no special assignment for Week 5 or Week 6.) Week 7. Week 8. This will be the last special assignment, to allow time for any necessary rewrites. Here is a sample solution to that last assignment.

However, here is a comment on the special assignment for Week 7. Even if you do not have to redo that assignment, you might want to read this, because it gives a geometric example of what V and V/W might look like.

Click on the quiz number to find solutions. Quiz 1. Quiz 2. Quiz 3. Quiz 4. Quiz 5. Quiz 6. Quiz 7. Quiz 8. Quiz 9.

Here are sample midterm solutions (corrected version).

Here is the reading assignment for the final exam.

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