Math 25: Homework Assignments

Submit completed programming assignments (see below for details) here.

Written Homework Assignment List

In general, homework should be turned in either in class or by 5pm the day the homework is due (usually Monday), at my office. Solutions will be posted a few days after each homework assignment is due. There is no guarantee that the solutions are free of typos, though hopefully they are free of mathematical errors!

Assignment Solutions Due Date
Written HW 8 Monday, 12/5/2011
Written HW 7 HW 7 Solutions Wednesday, 11/16/2011
Written HW 6 HW 6 Solutions Monday, 11/7/2011
Written HW 5 HW 5 Solutions Wednesday, 11/2/2011
Written HW 4 HW 4 Solutions Monday, 10/24/2011
Written HW 3 HW 3 Solutions Monday, 10/17/2011
Written HW 2 HW 2 Solutions Monday, 10/10/2011
Written HW 1 HW 1 Solutions Monday, 10/3/2011

Programming Assignment List

Programming assignments will be due on Thursday night at 11:59pm. See the submission guidelines below for more information on how to turn in assignments.

Assignment Template Due Date
Programming #4 Template #4 Wednesday, 11/30/2011
Programming #3 Template #3 Friday, 11/11/2011
Programming #2 Template #2 Thursday, 10/27/2011
Programming #1 Template #1 Thursday, 10/13/2011
Programming #0 Template #0 Thursday, 9/29/2011

If you don't have it already, get Python 2.7.2. You should do this as early as possible and make sure it is working. If you have trouble installing Python on your own computer, you can ask for assistance, and we'll do our best to help you. (You probably don't want to build from source. If you have a Windows machine, get the Windows MSI installer. If you have Mac OS X, use the Mac installer. And if you use Linux, you can get Python through your Linux package manager.)

Program submission guidelines

In general, each programming assignment will have two different types of components: an actual programming component, and then a written component with an algorithmic emphasis. The written component will be handed in just like a typical written homework assignment, either in class or at my office.

The program component will be submitted through a department homework dropbox page. When you have completed your file (individual instructions for what should be in your file will be given on each homework assignment) containing your functions and programs, you will upload that file using this page. Your will name your submission "[lastname, in lowercase][# of assignment].py" - it is important that you use this format because the automated grader will assume that your file name has this format! For example, my last name is Yang, so if I were submitting assignment 1, I would submit the file "". In case we have multiple students with the same last name, we will work out some sort of alternate file naming scheme. (Uploading files pretending to be another student is a violation of the honor code, and yes, if necessary, we can trace these sorts of things.)

Furthermore, the uploader will only let you submit a file with a given name once, so you should be sure that the file you submit is the final version you want to send.