Math 2
Calculus with Algebra and Trigonometry

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Exam Notes

Each problem on a quiz will count 4 points.  In the event that a problem has more than one part, the parts will be scaled equally.  Points will be assigned as follows: 

No work has been done or no cohenent explanation was given.
There appears to be some reasobable attempt at solving the problem.
Either the solution is partly correct, with significant error or omission, or the solution is correct but the explanation is somewhat unclear or incomplete.
The solution is correct, with at most very minor errors or omissions (for example:  a sign error or leaving off a "+C" when evaluating an antiderivative).  The explanation is reasonably clear and complete.
The problem and the solution are explained thoroughly, clearly and completely.  It is easy to read and understand the solution.  The solution is both correct and complete.

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