Math 2: Calculus with Algebra and Trigonometry

Winter 2014


Below is a list of written homework assignment and their due dates.

Week 9 No homework due. --
Week 8 due Friday, February 28 Written WeBWorK Problem Sets
   15-Trigonometric Substitution (Problem 1)
   17-Partial Fraction Decomposition (Problems 1, 3)
   18-Improper Integrals (Problem 1)
Week 7 No homework due. --
Week 6 due Friday, February 14 Written WeBWorK Problem Sets
   13-Integration by Parts (Problem 6)
   14-Trigonometric Integration (Problem 2)
Additional Problems
   Trigonometry and Inverse Trigonometry: [ PDF ]
Week 5 No homework due. --
Week 4 due Monday, February 3 Written WeBWorK Problem Sets
   09-Volumes (Problem 3)
   10-Volumes 2 (Problem 1)
   11-Cylindrical Shells (Problem 3)
   12-Averages of Functions (Problem 3)
Week 3 due Friday, January 24 Written WeBWorK Problem Sets
   07-Substitution Rule (Problems 1, 4, 5)
   08-Area Between Curves (Problems 2, 3, 5)
Week 2 due Friday, January 17 Written WeBWorK Problem Sets
   03-Definite Integrals (Problem 1)
   04-Fundamental Theorem (Problem 5)
   05-Fundamental Theorem (Problem 3)
   06-Indefinite Integrals (Problem 5)
Additional Problems
   Area-so-far Under a Quarter Circle: [ PDF ]
Week 1 due Friday, January 10 Written WeBWorK Problem Sets
   01-Introduction (all)
   02-Area and Riemann sums (all)


WeBWorK is an online homework system used at Dartmouth. Your initial username/password for WeBWorK is your Dartmouth NetID. It is important that you change your password as soon as possible. Detailed information regarding WeBWorK can be found here.

WeBWorK problems will be assigned throughout the course, and will be due on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings before class, depending on when it was originally assigned. Here is a breakdown for when WeBWorK assignments will be assigned and due.

Day of Week, Assigned Due
Section 1 (Hein) Section 2 (Bourke)  
Monday Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Wednesday Thursday Monday
Friday Friday Monday

For example, WeBWorK assigned on a Monday will be due Wednesday before class. This is intended to keep you actively engaged with the material as we progress through the course.

No late WeBWorK assignments will be accepted without approval by the instructor, so be sure to check the WeBWorK website frequently and be aware of the deadlines. We will not be dropping any online WeBWorK assignments. However, if you know in advance that you will not be able to complete a WeBWorK assignment (due to illness or travel, for example), you should notify your instructor as soon as possible for an extension.

Here is a link to the WeBWorK Page for the course.

Written Homework

Written homework will consist of two parts: (1) written solutions to chosen WeBWorK problems and (2) separately assigned problems.

All assigned homework will be due in class on Friday, no late homework will be accepted.

The instructors will assign problems from the WeBWorK to be written up separately and turned in as part of the written homework; these will typically be listed at the top of this page by Wednesday evening.

In addition to the written WeBWorK problems, we may assign separate homework problems throughout the term. These assignments will also be due by the start of class on Friday, and no late homework will be accepted.

We will drop one homework assignment. This will allow you to perhaps skip a homework assignment altogether, or forgive the homework with the lowest score.