Math 2: Calculus with Algebra and Trigonometry

Winter 2014

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Some Notes on WeBWorK

The main advantage of WeBWorK is that it provides you with instant feedback on your answers to problems. You can see immediately whether your answer is right or wrong, and you have the opportunity to retry the problem until you get it right. Unfortunately, it can become easy to obsess over getting the right answer, while losing sight of the mathematical concepts in the process. Therefore, we have put together a list of suggestions regarding the way in which you should approach WeBWorK.
  • In order to succeed in this course, it will help you greatly to keep a written record of your work. Therefore, we suggest that you keep a ``WeBWorK notebook'' where you can keep track of your work. Even though the instructors will not see your notebook, it will help you when studying for quizzes and exams if you can look back and see how you approached the homework problems. We will also ask you to write up a few of the WeBWorK problems each week, so it will help if you have readable solutions available.

  • For each problem, write out your work as if you are explaining it to a classmate. Make sure you understand each step - ask yourself why it makes sense, and if the answer is not immediate, record it in your notebook.

  • If you enter your answer into WeBWorK and it is correct, great. However, make sure that you know why it is correct before moving on.

  • If your answer is incorrect, it is tempting to try altering details (such as negative signs) directly in WeBWorK until you get the right answer. If you do this, you should make sure that you understand why these changes worked. Again, make sure you record your work.