Office Hours
MWF 1-2, in my  office, Bradley 404.  I should be in my office between 10:30-5:00 on weekdays,  so please feel free to drop by any time or send me an email. 


Applied Regression Analysis and Multivariable Methods, by  Kleinbaum, Kupper, Muller and 
Nizam, 3rd edition. 


Homeworks will be handed out every Monday and will be due the following Monday. Late submissions will not be acceptable in ususal circumstances. I will also post the homework 
on the course homepage. 
There will be two midterms and a final; the two midterms will  be for 15% each, and the homeworks will  count for 25% of your grade. There will be a take home final  which will count for  45% of your final grade.  If you perform very well  in the final exam,  I will only count the final exam in case that helps to improve your grade.  I beleive, if you can demonstrate understanding for the  material at the end of the course,  you deserve a  good grade irrespective of previous performance. 


The college urges that everyone teaching a course add a statement about students with disabilities at the beginnning of the course. If you have a disability that you feel may affect your performance in this course, let me know about it

Honor Code

Discussions and working together on homeworks is encouraged, but please write your own solutions. No external assistance is allowed in the final exam. 

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