Weekly Assignments


Week 1 reading: Ch 1-3. Intro; Operations, Groups.

Homework: Ch 2 Exercise A.2,6; B.5,6,7; Ch 3 Exercise B.1; C.1,2; D.

Pset #1 is due Wed Sep 23


Week 2 reading: Ch 4-8. Subgroups; Permutations.

Homework: Ch 5 A.4,7; C.4,6; D.1,3. Ch 7 B.1, F.2. Ch 8 C.1, G.1-4.

Pset #2 is due Wed Sep 30


Week 3 reading: 9-11: Isomorphism; Cyclic groups

Homework: Ch 9 B.1,2; C.4; H.4. Ch 10 B.3,7; C.6; G.1,2. Ch 11 B.3, C.1,2.

Pset #3 is due Wed Oct 7


Week 4 reading: Ch 13-15: Homomorphisms and Quotient groups.

No new Pset this week. Take-home exam next week.


Week 5 reading: Ch 16: Fundamental Isomorphism Theorem.

YouTube link: Arnold's proof of Abel's Theorem

Homework: Ch 4 G.1; Ch 10 D.2, E.1-3; Ch 11 E; Ch 13 F. Due Wed Oct 21


Week 6 reading: Ch 17-20: Rings, Ideals, Integral domains.

Homework: Ch 17 D, E, F; Ch 19 F; Ch 20 F

Pset #5 is due Wed Oct 28


Week 7 reading: Ch. 21, 22, 24, 25: Unique factorization of polynomials.

Homework: Ch 21 C.6; Ch 22 C.1,2,3; Ch 24 A.4a,5,7, C.1-6; Ch 25 A.1,4

Pset #6 is due Wed Nov 4


Week 8 reading: Ch 26: Polynomials over Z, Q, R, C.

Homework: Ch 26: B.1,2; D.1-3; F.

Pset #6 is due Wed Nov 11


Week 9 reading: Ch 27-29; Field Extensions


Week 10: Monday is Last day of class.

Take-home exam handed out Monday, due Friday Nov 20, 5pm.

General Course Information

General Course Information

A Book of Abstract Algebra, Second edition, by Charles C. Pinter

Homework is assigned and collected on a weekly basis. Assignments are posted on Friday. Homework assignments are due the following week on Wednesday, at the time of lecture. They are graded, and your homework score factors into your final grade.

Homework: 1/3; Midterm 1/3; Final: 1/3

Honor principle
Collaboration on homework assignments is permitted and encouraged. However, you must write up the solutions to all homework problems yourself. Even if you discuss homework problems with others, you should never simply copy the solution from someone else, but need to formulate and write up the final answer by yourself, in your own words.
Collaboration on exams of any kind is not permitted.

Special considerations
If you have a disability of any sort and may need need disability-related classroom or exam accommodations, please make an appointment to see your instructor as soon as possible. All conversations will remain confidential, although we may consult the Student Accessibility Services Office. You can stop by the Accessibility Services Office in Collis Center to register for support services.

Times and Locations

Times and Locations

Office hours
Mon 4-5, Tue 4-6, 308 Kemeny Hall

Period 2, MWF 1:45-2:50, location TBA
x-hour: Thursday 1:00-1:50

Midterm in-class exam: Thu Oct 14 x-hour
Midterm take-home exam: Handed out Mon Oct 12, due on Fri Oct 16
Final take-home exam: During final exam week