Math 31: Topics in Algebra


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Here you can download the .PDF file of the Final Exam.


Basic information about exams and quizzes

There will be 3 in-class quizzes, a take-home midterm exam and a take-home final exam.

The three 30-minute quizzes will be on Wednesday January 21, on Monday February 16, and on Monday March  1.

The exams tentatively will be take-home, but this may be changed to the regular style 2-3 hours written in-class exams, if it is decided that it would be better for material learning.

The take home midterm exam will be given on Monday February 2 and it will be due Friday February 6.

The take home final exam will be given on Friday March 12 and will be due Tuesday March 16, so you will have the whole final examination period to work on it, though of course it should not require more than a few hours if you know the material.

You are expected to work alone on take home exams. If the exam is take-home, then you may consult any printed matter you like but you may not consult one another or other humans. If the exam is in-class, then you can not use any book or class-notes, unless explicitly allowed to do so.

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask your instructor for clarifications. The honor principle applies.



The first class is Monday January 5