This is the tentative daily syllabus for Math 32.  I will post homework here, and update the list of topics to accurately reflect what we covered in class each day.   Homework will be due roughly each Friday.  There will also be about four quizzes.  The quiz dates listed below are tentative.

Date In Class Section in GI
Reading HW Other
Wed 1/4 Introduction, survey, bicycle chains and cancelling kinks (problem 1 on the worksheet). 4
 Start reading Weeks Ch. 1-4 Think about problems 2-4 on the worksheet. Worksheet 1: Bicycle Chains available on blackboard.
Fri 1/6 NO CLASS. Class moved to x-hour.
Mon 1/9 Bicycle chains; discuss problem 4 (and maybe also 2,3); turning a sphere inside out. 4   HW 1: Read Weeks Ch 1-4 and do Problems 2-6 on Worksheet 1.  Due Friday.  
Tues 1/10 x-hour Immersed curves and the rotation number as an invariant of regular homotopy.  Relationship to bicycle chains.        
Wed 1/11 Introduction to knot theory; knot diagrams; Reidemeister moves; crossing number.  Build a knot table.
Fri 1/13 Knot invariants; Writhe and linking number; tricolorability 7-10  
HW 1 due  
Mon 1/16- NO CLASS (MLK Day) Class moved to x-hour.        
Tues 1/17 x-hour Discussion of Weeks Ch. 1-4.    
  Be ready to discuss Weeks Ch. 1-4   
Wed 1/18 Quiz.  Tabulation of knots ctd; Kauffman bracket  
 Start reading Weeks Ch. 5-6   QUIZ Weeks Ch. 1-4
Fri 1/20 Bracket and Jones Polynomials; Wind and Mr. Ug.  
Mon 1/23 Exercises in Imagining,
Not Knot
Tues 1/24 x-hour Project Meetings/ HW help session
Wed 1/25 Review surfaces, intrinsic/extrinsic geometry and topolgy: In groups, discuss the reading and the exercises in Weeks to review for the quiz. 18-19
    HW 2 due.  
Fri 1/27 Platonic solids and polyhedra 14
 Start reading Weeks Ch. 7-8 Project topic paragraph due. QUIZ Weeks Ch. 5-6
Mon 1/30 Graphs, planarity, Euler's formula, Four Color Theorem
Tues 1/31 x-hour Project meetings/ HW help session
Wed 2/1 Maps, dual polyhedra, graphs on the torus, Klein bottle, and projective plane, and Euler's formula on those surfaces.
  Deadline for first project meeting.
HW 3 due

Fri 2/3 Orientability, Euler characteristic and genus, cell decompositions, relationship to graphs on surfaces.        
Mon 2/6 Classification of Surfaces 21   Project proposal due.  
Tues 2/7 x-hour Classification of Surfaces contiued        
Wed 2/8 Wallpaper intro, Mirrors 22   HW 4 due
Friday 2/10-Carnival
Class was moved to Tues 2/7
Mon 2/13 Types of symmetry 23  
Wed 2/15 Recognizing patterns, notation 25  Start reading Weeks Chapter 7. Course portfolio draft due.

Fri 2/17 Quotient orbifolds and paper cutting    
Mon 2/20 Orbifold Euler characteristic, Sketch of the proof that there are 17 patterns.
24    Detailed project description due.  
Wed 2/22 Spherical and hyperbolic geometry.  Vegetables activity. 28    HW 5 due.  
Fri 2/24 Curvature of surfaces.  Discuss Weeks Ch. 9-11 in groups.  Gauss-Bonnet Theorem. 35  
 QUIZ (tentative)
Mon 2/27 Spherical and hyperbolic wallpaper.  Ping-pong ball activity. 29      
Wed 2/29 Examples of 3-Manifolds
     HW 6 due.  
Fri 3/2 Examples of 3-Manifolds        
Mon 3/5 TBD
Wed 3/7 wrap-up