Mathematics 35, Winter 2008

Real Analysis

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Textbook: Real Analysis: A First Course, second edition, by Russell A. Gordon, Addison-Wesley (2002), ISBN: 0-201-43727-9, available at Wheelock Books.

Dwight Lahr
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Office hours: MW: 2:00-3:30 (and by appt.)

Do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail for purposes of asking questions, making comments, or setting up meetings.

Class Meetings: MWF 12:30-1:35 in Kemeny 105 (x-hour Tu 1:00-1:50)

Homework: Each week exercises will be assigned, and will be due on Fridays. Our homework grader is Shunsuke Sakurai. He also will be conducting a problem session that will meet Thursdays 7:00-9:00 in Kemeny 105. You may collaborate with other students on the homework, but you must write up all solutions independently and on your own. Copying is not permitted and is a violation of the Honor Principle (see below for more information).

Grading: Final grades for the course are determined on the basis of performance on the homework, Midterm Exam, and Final Exam weighted as follows:

Total Points: 100

Academic Honor Principle:
On exams: No help is to be given or received.
On homework: No copying. You may seek help from anyone associated with the course, as much as you need. You may work with other students except on exams, but must always write up whatever you are working on on your own. Copying from someone else's work, including the sharing of electronic or other files, is not permitted and is a violation of the honor principle.

Students' Religious Observances: Some students may wish to take part in religious observances that occur during this academic term. If you have a religious observance that conflicts with your participation in the course, please meet with your instructor before the end of the second week of the term to discuss appropriate accommodations.

Disabilities: We encourage students with documented disabilities, including "invisible" disabilities such as chronic diseases, learning disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities, to discuss possible accommodations with one of your instructors. Students might want to consult as well Student Accessibility Services, 301 Collis Center, ext. 6-2014. In addition to providing information and services, the office can assist with determining appropriate accomodations and registering them.

Math 35 Website: We have a website that organizes the materials of the course. The address is There you will find all the handouts of the course, as well as the homework assignments.





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