Math 36

Homework and Quizzes

Homework will be assigned for you to do after each class. Quizzes will be assigned on Wednesdays, and are due the following Monday.

Use the following abbreviations:

K&S: Kemeny and Snell, Mathematical Models in the Social Sciences

O: Olinick, An Introduction to Mathematical Models in theSocial and Life Sciences

R: Roberts, Discrete Mathematical Models

FAPP: For all Practical Purposes (photocopy)

L&R: Luce and Raiffa, Games and Decisions

Link to homework for first week

Link to homework for second week

Link to homework for third week

Link to homework for fourth week

Link to homework for week five

Link to homework for week six




Quiz 7 - due Friday March 1st

  1. Refer to the learning model of Bower in O, Ch. 12. Find the probability of an error on the nth trial if the initial probability vector is (1/2, 1/2). (ie, repeat the process done in class for the new intial probability vector). Any interpretations?
  2. Do R, p.288, #7
  3. K&S, p.64 #10

Test 2 - Monday March 4th, 3:30

Projects due Wednesday, Feb. 27th