Math 36 – Mathematical Models

in the Social Sciences



Prerequisites:  Math 6 or 20, and Math 13.


Details:  Period 10 (MWF 10:00 – 11:05.  X-hour: Th 12:00 –12:50) Bradley 105.


Web page:


Professor:  Faun Doherty


Office Hours:  M: 3:00-4:00, (others will be announced), and by appointment.  Office: 402 Bradley


Course Description:  We will explore various mathematical techniques used in applications encountered in the social sciences.  Techniques include graph theory, measurement theory, differential equations, Markov chains, and probability theory.  Topics include voting theory, preference rankings, arms race and combat models, population models, ecology, learning theory, social anthropology, social power, etc.


Grades:          Test 1: 15%

                        Test 2: 15%

                        Quizzes: 35%

                        Project: 35%


Homework/Quizzes:  I will assign homework usually after each class.  A selection of the problems assigned each week will comprise a weekly take-home “quiz”, to be turned in for grading.  Problems and due dates (usually each Monday) can be found on the website.


Tests:  There will be two hour-long tests over the mathematical concepts covered in class.


Project:   You will be responsible for researching and writing a final project.  As you learn the techniques and topics of this course, keep your eyes open for anything that might interest you to study further.  There are lots of fascinating topics that we will not have time to touch on that would make great projects.  I will talk more about this as we progress through the term.