Math 3 - Calculus

Case Studies in Calculus

(The downloadable files are compressed in Aladdin's ".sit" format. If need be, consult
the instructions on how to get the free expander to unstuff them on a mac or a pc.)

This term we will develop three extended applications of calculus. Called Case Studies in Calculus, or CSCs, they will present three examples of using calculus to model real-world problems involving real data. Torricelli's Law, Population Modeling, and Flood Watch each come in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2. These are in the form of Maple worksheets. Part 2 contains the problem on which students will be reporting and which we have used here to name the CSC. (Part 1 is general background on the calculus ideas that go into the modeling process represented by the problem we are going to explore.)

The CSC Reports are Word documents that must be completed and turned in for grading. The grading key will be included below with each report so that students can download it as well and see what we will be looking for in the reports. You should also refer to the holistic evaluation guidelines that give the overall standards that all written work must meet.

CSC Maple Worksheet Download Menu

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Title Background Problem
Torricelli's Law Part 1 Part 2
Population Modeling Part 1 Part 2
Flood Watch Part 1 Part 2

  • "math3.m" Maple File-- You will need this file to use many of the commands in the CSCs. You should already have installed it and its companion Math3Help file when you installed the contents of the Maple download-file at the beginning of the term. However, if the file "math3.m" is not in the "lib" folder inside the Maple folder on your hard disk, or if the worksheet "Math3Help.mws" is not in the Maple folder, you can download and install them now.


CSC Word Report Download Menu
CSC Reports to Fill Out Grading Keys
CSC Report: Torricelli's Law Grading Key: Torricelli
CSC Report: Population Modeling Grading Key: Population
CSC Report: Flood Watch Grading Key: Flood