Study Guide



Math 3 - Calculus

Homework will be due by 8:00 a.m. each Monday and Friday. The homework problem sets will be done over the web using the WeBWorK system. This problem-generator allows you to get a hard copy of an assignment, input the answers, submit the problems for grading, and go over the correct answers. It even lets you review your record so that you can see how well you are doing. Moreover, you will be able to practice solving similar problems. All homework assignments will be posted weekly on the Homework page.

Class Demonstrations
Class demonstration files used during lectures are available to download and explore.

CAS Units
Material about key concepts in calculus using the Computer Algebra System (CAS) Maple is provided in the CAS #1 and CAS #2 units available for downloading. In the context of reviewing the Elementary Functions (CAS #1) and introducing the derivative (CAS #2), they provide an excellent introduction to the Maple tools we use in calculus.

Exam Study Questions
Study questions will be posted here before each of the exams this term. The questions will be taken from past years' exams and current material. The questions should provide some indication of the nature and depth of typical exam questions, but they should not be regarded as an exhaustive study guide.

  • Hour Exam 1 Practice Problems: Taken from the first Math 3 hour-exam in the fall of 1999.

  • Hour Exam 2 Practice Problems: Taken from the second Math 3 hour-exam in the fall of 1999.

  • Final Exam Practice Problems: Last year's Final Exam (in MS Word 98; decompresses with Aladdin Expander on PCs or Stuffit Expander on Macs)
    Note: The Final this year is on Monday, December 4 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm in Cook Auditorium.