Math 3 - Calculus

Resources for Studying Calculus

On-Line Components of the Textbook

Principles of Calculus Modeling
An Interactive Approach

by Donald L. Kreider and C. Dwight Lahr

The textbook for the course is a draft manuscript that is intended to be used interactively with the corresponding electronic section-pages on the Web. You can access the section-pages on the klbook web site. In addition to finding the homework, you will be able to experiment with applets that have been specially designed to make calculus come alive. The pages also contain summaries of key points, examples, quizzes, links to videos that show problems being worked out, and various resources on the Web. The content of the pages is experimental, and we want your feedback. If you see a better way of doing something or if things are not working for you, do not hesitate to contact Dwight Lahr. Studying calculus should be fun, and we want to do everything we can to make it just that.

We believe that all calculus students should get some familiarity with a computer algebra system. Such systems allow one to draw graphs of functions, to find derivatives and integrals, and to implement many of the numerical techniques we learn in calculus. Maple is the Computer Algebra System we will be using in Math 3. You should install it on your computer.

For installation instructions, go to the Mathematics Department Software Resources web page and look at the section on "Maple Information pages." In addition to containing installation instructions for Mac and PC users, it also gives the pointer to a start-up Maple Primer.

Math 3 Maple Files
Over the years, we have developed Maple versions of the Case Studies in Calculus that we will be studying. Many of them require that you have put the "Math 3 Maple Files" in the Maple folder of your computer. You can download the Math 3 Maple Files as a folder that has been compressed in Aladdin's ".sit" format. It will need to be expanded with the latest Stuffit Expander on Macs or on PCs running Windows.

These expanders are free from Aladdin. We will be putting all compressed files included in the Math 3 website into ".sit" format, so be sure that you have a copy of the appropriate expander. If the free Aladdin expander is not on your computer, you can get it at the Aladdin website.

CSC Archive in Maple
This year, we will be completing the term's CSCs using software tools that we have developed especially for that purpose. However, we also have an archive of related CSCs developed exclusively in Maple. We encourage you to look at this archival material as you study the content of a given CSC. You may find it helpful. For the Maple versions of CSCs go to the Calcsite web site which we warn you is under continual construction.