Math 3 Section 1, Winter 2004

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Maple demos and course related web links

Maple9 is available for all Dartmouth students.

You can learn a lot about Maple by reading its help... Learning Maple is not a requirement for the class, and you can obtain maximum scores and achieve complete understanding of the material without ever using this software. Such type of knowledge may ease a bit your life in Math 3, or may come handy with other occasions during your study years. I encourage you to get familiar with Maple.

Here is the link to a comprehensive introduction to Maple.

Below are some graphs that I obtained, using Maple, when I prepared the lectures for our class. Feel free to cut-and-paste any Maple command contained in the files, and use them to start learning how to work with Maple.
 January 4, 2004  2.1. Tangent and velocity
 January 21, 2004  3.5. Derivatives of trigonometric functions
 February 6, 2004  4.7. An optimization problem
 February 9, 2004  4.9. Newton's method