Math 3, Winter 2013, Resources

Introduction to Calculus

Dartmouth College, Department of Mathematics


Calculus On Demand (COD) Web Site:


COD gives a snap-shot of each lecture. It is definitely the place to begin your studying because you can get an overview of what is covered in class.


The COD web site is where you can find all the materials from the textbook that are relevant to a given lecture, including both on-line and textual materials. It also has a link to the WeBWorK login for the Math 3 homework.


Numerical Integration Applet here.



Practice Exams:


Midterm 1, Fall 2012

Solutions to Midterm 1, Fall 2012.  More detailed solutions can be found here.


Midterm 2, Fall 2012

Solutions to Midterm 2, Fall 2012.


Final Exam, Fall 2012

Multiple Choice Answers

Worked out Solutions (NOTE: The correct answer to #28 is C.  The corrected solutions are posted on Prof. Deisel’s office door, Kemeny 310)


For additional practice problems, click here.

Other online resources for practice:


Kahn Academy

WorldWide Center of Math

Paul’s Online Course Notes