Math 4 (Calculus with applications to biology) - Winter 2002

Text: Modeling Differential Equations in Biology by Clifford Henry Taubs (Princeton hall, 2001).

Grade: Your grade will be determined as follows: 2 written individual assignments, worth a total of 20% of your grade, and two group projects the first worth 35% of your grade and the second 45% of your grade.

Assignments: Assignment will come in two forms reading assignments and the above mentioned written assignments. The assignments can be found in the weekly log. Here is an example of a written assignment . While working on an assignment you may use any references you'd like under the condition that you always carefully reference your sources. With regard to the individual assignments, collaboration is encouraged during the process of thinking about the assignments, but every non-referenced aspect of your final write up must be entirely in your own words.

Students with disabilities: I encourage students with disabilities, including "invisible" disabilities like chronic diseases and learning disabilities, to discuss with me any appropriate accommodations that might be helpful.