Math 53: Projects - FALL 2011

Here's a preliminary list of potential topics. Please read around on chaotic dynamics and keep on the look out for ideas that interest you. All suggestions welcome! However, in the end your topic choice must be approved by me, since I don't want you to attempt something impossible. Projects are not required to have a numerical (computer) component, but I think you'll enjoy investigating this way, and I encourage mixing theory, proofs, background, and computer experiment. You will enjoy reading through the previous projects from this course (see main page links), and getting inspired. Maybe take one of these further, or study a related question?

You should choose a tentative project topic by Tues Oct 24.

You can team up, but I prefer 2 as the largest group size.

A preliminary 1-page project plan description with a couple of references (which you have looked at!) is due between Tues Nov 1 and Fri Nov 4.

Projects are presented starting Tues Nov 29 - it's a fun mini-conference.