Course Assignments and Grading


75% of your grade for the course will be based on four projects. The first three are individual projects of increasing size and complexity. The first will be worth 10% and the later two will each be worth 15% of the course grade, for a total contribution of 40%. The remaining project is a large effort, conducted by several students working together. It is worth 35% of the grade and has three parts: a proposal, a written report, and a presentation made by the group to the rest of the class.

The remainder of your grade will be based on your critique of other groups' presentations (10%), your participation in the course (10%), and weekly quizzes, given in class (5%). Since Chance relies heavily on discussion, lively attendance is essential. The critique of other groups will be your last assignment for the term. It is due on Dec. 9, although you may submit it earlier.

NOTE: Since you must critique other groups' projects, you should plan to attend class on all the presentation days.

You must speak to one of us in advance if you will not attend a guest lecture.

Here is a VERY tentative schedule of assignments:

October 4 First, tiny, individual project due
October 11 GUEST LECTURE: Nancy Brand, University of Rhode Island
Draft of second individual project due
October 18 GUEST LECTURE: Carlos Morales, Worcester Polytechnic
Second project due
October 25 Draft for third individual project due
November 1 Third project due
November 4 Organize groups for final project
November 8 GUEST LECTURE : Richard Fernandez, Northern Arizona University
Group project proposal due
November 15

Group project drafts due

November 22, 25, and
December 2, 4

Presentations and critiques of group projects