Fall 2003 Mathematics 5: PATTERN

General Information



Welcome to PATTERN!

"Pattern" is a course in math and art taught by a mathematician. In the same way that a social science course might well require writing, this math course requires you to create pieces of art that demonstrate your understanding of the mathematics we are learning. Our main object of study is repeated pattern, such as we commonly see in textiles, tilings, basketry and other contexts. In this course we will see parts of mathematics that are usually reserved for those majoring in the subject. We will also improve our art abilities through the creation, viewing and discussion of our work. Occasionally we will have guest experts come in to critique student work.

Class meets T-Th 10:00-11:05
X-hour W 3:00-4:05 (occasionally)

Professor Dorothy Wallace
202 Choate House
Office Hours T-F 8:30-9:30

In addition, Pattern students may use the services of Elizabeth J. Whittington, the Math Department Writing Editor. Ms. Whittington has the following office hours but recommends making an appointment whenever possible:

Drop-in and by appointment:
Monday through Thursday 1-3 pm

By appointment only:
Monday through Thursday: 8-10 am
Call: 646-9020
Write: Jane.Whittington@Dartmouth.edu
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