Fall 2003 Mathematics 5: PATTERN

General Information



Information about Pattern

Attendance. Attendance to scheduled classes is expected. Most of the things we work on in class are not duplicated in any text. If an emergency arises, please make arrangements to obtain notes from a classmate and to go over them with a friend.

Learning Disabilities or other handicaps. If you have a special circumstance that would require you to have extra time on assignments or any other unusual needs, please have the Academic Skills Center provide documentation to your instructor.

The Honor Principle for PATTERN. In this class the honor principle means that you are the author of all materials submitted for credit, including art assignments and the final math notebook.

Homework. There are no examinations in Pattern, so your grade is based on all homework assignments turned in. These will often be art assignments that we will look at together in class. Grades on these will be based on the final portfolio you submit at the end of the course. There are also a couple of short math assignments and a large notebook of work done the last three weeks of the course. These will be included with your portfolio at the end of the course. I realize that this system gives you less feedback on your work, but it allows you the most time to master the material in the course. Due to the wide range of backgrounds and talents of those who typically take Pattern, this system gives you the opportunity to be judged on your best work, whether math or art.

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