Math 5: Schedule, topics and worksheets - FALL 2011

Reading is optional sections from Musimathics book (on reserve); however, the lectures should be sufficient if you take good notes.

weekdate(reading) daily topics, links & demosworksheets
1Sept 21 W websitePeriodic sounds, frequency, functions funcs, soln
22 Th X-hrResources page Tool session: using audacity
23 F2.3, 3.1-3.2, 5.4-5.4.2Pure tones, sinusoidal and circular motion. musical frequencies, addition formula (also here) addn, soln
26 M3.3, 6.7Combining tones, beats, perfect intervals zerocross
228 W2.8, 6.4.1HW1 due. Fourier series (use this), the harmonic series, and the first of many auditory illusions
29 Th X-hrResources pageUsing praat
30 F2.8.3 Spectrogram, partials (touch tone info). fourier
Oct 3 M3.6-3.9, 3.10.2-3.13Missing fundamental, Tuning systems (pythagorean, and just intonation) pythag
35 W2.5, 3.10.1HW2 due. Complex sounds: perceived pitch (bells),
6 Th X-hr-Quiz 1 (answers, 30 mins, start at 12:00pm, bring calculators)
7 F Benson 4.1-4.6 Helmholtz theory of dissonancediss
10 M4.20, 7.4.6, 7.8 Travelling waves, speed of sound, echoes, spacetime diagrams.
412 W7.12HW3 due. Doppler effect (applet) and the Hammond organ (Leslie) doppler
14 F4.19.3-4.24.2 Class visit by Brentano String Quartet [their concert is 8pm]. Loudness and intensity, decibelsdB
18 M1.2.2-4, 5.3, 8.1-8.3.1Sounds sources: oscillatorsaccel
519 W8.10.1HW4 due. Damping and Q-factor.decay
20 Th X-hr-practise exam problem session (practise problems, 2007 exam [solutions], 2008 exam [solutions], 2010 exam [solutions], flashcards)
Midterm: Thursday Oct 20, 6-8 pm, Kemeny 201 (solutions)
21 FComplex vibration modes of extended bodies (eg two masses, Chladni plates)
24 M8.5-8.7.1 Damping and excitation of modes. Lowest mode of an elastic string. hitbar
626 WHW5 due. Damping and excitation of strings. Bowing.
27 Th X-hr-
28 F8.7.5Plucked and bowed strings. Pipe resonances.
31 M8.7.4, 8.3.3More pipes, register keys, clarinet modes, Helmholtz resonator. openclosed
7Nov 2 W8.9HW6 due. (Stretched partials.) Resonance.
4 Fthis Human voice: speech, formants, vocal tract shape, vowels, singing. sopranos, von Kempelen's machine.
7 M7.10, 7.13.2, 8.10.1, App.7Singing. Architectural acoustics: reverberation and early reflections.
89 WHW7 due. Derive Sabine's formula. Ray reflection, method of images.
10 Th X-hrQuiz 2 (35 mins, bring calculators) (answers)
11 F7.8, 7.11 Deadline to choose project topics. Multiple images and lattices. wave phenomena. image
14 M Interference and diffraction of waves.
916 WHW8 due. Human hearing: anatomy, frequency sensitivity.
18 FHuman hearing: directional sensing, frequency masking. direction
21 Melectronic music recording and reproduction. samplingsampling
24 W - 28 Su: --------- Thanksgiving recess ---------
28 M-Math in music composition, (Paganini 24th Caprice theme, Rachmaninov Rhapsody Op.43, inversion of melody). groups
1030 W-Project Presentation Mini-Conference (in usual lecture slot)
Dec 1 Th X-hr-Finish Project Presentations. Exam review session. practise questions. 2007 final (solutions), 2008 final (solutions). 2010 final (solutions).
Final Exam: Monday Dec 5, 8am, Kemeny 108 (solutions)
Project write-ups due at my office, 5pm, Tues Dec 6.