Math 5: Schedule, topics and worksheets - SPRING 2007

weekdatereading daily topics, links & demosworksheets
1Mar 28 W websitePeriodic sounds, frequency, functions funcs, soln
30 F2.3, 3.1-3.2, 5.4-5.4.2Pure tones, sinusoidal and circular motion. musical frequencies, addition formula (also here) addn, soln
30 Sa and Apr 1 Su: Trio Mediaeval concert, Rollins Chapel, relates to intervals and harmony
Apr 2 M3.3, 6.7Combining tones, beats, perfect intervals 2periods
3 Tu X-hrResources page Tool session: using audacity
24 W2.8, 6.4.1Fourier series (use this), the harmonic series, and the first of many auditory illusions fourier
6 F2.8.3HW1 due. Spectrogram, partials (touch tone info)
9 M3.6-3.9, 3.10.2-3.13Tuning systemspythag
10 Tu X-hr-Using praat
311 W2.5, 3.10.1, Benson Ch. 4Complex sounds: perceived pitch, Helmholtz theory of dissonancediss
13 F4.20, 7.4.6, 7.8HW2 due. Travelling waves
16 M-speed of sound, echoes, spacetime diagrams.
17 Tu X-hr-Quiz 1 (answers, 30 mins, start at 1:15pm, bring calculators)
418 W7.12Doppler effect (applet) and the Hammond organ (Leslie) doppler
20 F4.19.3-4.24.2HW3 due. Loudness and intensity, decibelsdB
23 M1.2.2-4, 5.3, 8.1-8.3.1Sounds sources: oscillatorsaccel
24 Tu X-hr-
525 W8.10.1Damping and Q-factor.decay
27 FHW4 due. Complex vibration modes of extended bodies.
30 M8.5-8.7.1 Modes of an elastic string. Plucked and bowed strings.hitbar
May 1 Tu X-hr-practise exam problem session (practise problems, flashcards)
Midterm: Tuesday May 1, 6-8 pm, Wilder 115 (solutions)
62 WBrass instruments: Class visit by Barton Workshop
4 F8.7.5HW5 due. Plucked and bowed strings. Pipe resonances.
7 M8.7.4, 8.3.3More pipes, stretched partials, Helmholtz resonator. openclosed
8 Tu X-hr- Class visit by Handel & Haydn Society of Boston Chamber Ensemble (note: in Faulkner Recital Hall)
79 W8.9 Resonance.
11 FthisHW6 due. Human voice: speech, formants, singing.
14 M7.10, 7.13.2, 8.10.1, App.7Architectural acoustics: reverberation and early reflections.
15 Tu X-hr-
816 WChoose project topics. Quiz 2 (25 mins, bring calculators). Architectural acoustics: room resonances.
18 F7.8, 7.11HW7 due. Wave phenomena: reflection, path lengths, method of images.image
21 M Interference.
22 Tu X-hr-
923 W Diffraction, Rayleigh limit, human hearing and physiology.
25 FKoenig analyzer, electronic music recording and reproduction, samplingsampling
28 M (no lecture: Memorial Day)
29 Tu X-hr- Review (practise questions)
1030 W-Project Presentations (usual lecture slot)
Project Presentation Pizza Evening: Wednesday May 30, 6-8 pm, Wilder 115
Final Exam: Friday June 1, 3-6 pm, Kemeny 007 Note location! (solutions)