Math 5 (Details) Fall 2001

Math 5 ( Chance ) - Fall 2001


Resources: Make sure you have access to the text Statistics (3rd edition) by Freedmen, Pisani, and Purves. We will be computing and organizing data with the help of the Excel and Maple programs (both of which are available on Public), and everyone should make sure that they have access to a computer running both these programs. A lot of interesting information can be found at the Chance Web Site.

Assignments: All homework and journal assignment can be found in the Assignment Log

Grades: Your grade will be determined as follows:
10% Quizzes
30% Journals
10% Participation
10% Project Draft
30% Written Final Project
10% Project Presentation

Honor policy: Collaboration is encouraged during all aspect of the this class excluding the taking of quizzes. With that said, whenever work is turned in where collaboration has taken place you must indicate this on the assignment and give credit to the people involved.

Students with disabilities: I encourage students with disabilities, including "invisible" disabilities like chronic diseases and learning disabilities, to discuss with me any appropriate accommodations that might be helpful.