Math 5 Log


Week 1:

Homework (for the quiz on Wednesday October 3rd): Reading (Chapter 13 of Statistics), Problems (From chapter 13 A1-A5,B1,B3,C1-C3,D1,D2).

Journal 1 (Due Friday September 28)

Journal 2 (Due Monday October 1)

Week 2:

Homework (for the quiz on Wednesday October 10th): Reading (Sections 3.1, 3.2 and 10.4 as well as all of Chapter 14 of Statistics), Problems (Chapter 3 A2-A4,B2 ,Chapter 10 D1and D2, Chapter 14 A1-A4,B1-B3,C5,D1 and D2).

Journal 3 (Due Wednesday October 6)

Journal 4 (Due Monday October 8)

Week 3:

Homework (for the quiz on Wednesday October 17th): Reading (Chapters 15 and 16 of Statistics), Problems (Chapter 15 A3,A4, Review1,Review2 and Chapter 16 A1,B1,B2,B3,C1,C2, and C3).

Journal 5 (Due Friday October 12)

Journal 6 (Due Monday 15)

Week 4:

Homework (for the quiz on Wednesday October 24th): Reading (Chapter 4 and chapter 17) Problems (Chapter 4 A4-A6,B1,B2 C1,C2,C3 Chapter 17 A1-A4, B1-B5 )

Journal 7 (Due Friday October 19)

Journal 8 (Due Monday October 22)

Week 5:

Homework (for the quiz on Halloween): Reading (Chapter 5 and chapter 18) Problems (Chapter 5 A1,A2B1-B4,C1-C3 Chapter 18 A1,A5,A6,B1-B4 )

There is no class on Friday the October 26 due to "Harvard Weekend" Festivities.

Journal 9 and 10 (Due Monday October 29, it counts for two journals)

Week 6:

There is no book homework this week. The quiz on Wednesday will be Roulette question of the in the form: if you make "the following roulette" bet 500 times how much do expect to lose and what is the chance that your ahead (approximately)?

Journal 11 (Due Friday the second of November)

Journal 12 the Group Journal. The Journal due date has been modified to Wednesday the 7th of November, and the Labouche system has been describe in what I hope is a more understandable way.

Week 7:

Homework (for the quiz on November 14): Reading (Chapters 19 and 20) Problems (Exercise set A - page 349 problems 1-8)

During the X-session this week we will have our first "computational tools" exploration time. This week will learn how use Excel to organize and manipulate data.

Journal 13 (Due Friday November 9)

Our class has officially shifted gears: we are now in project mode. No more journals will be assigned and next week's quiz will be the last. On Tuesday November 20 by 12:50 a draft of your project will be due. This draft will be worth 10 percent of your grade! Before Monday November 19 each group will meet with an instructor to discuss the nature of what we expect from them with regards to their group's project draft.

Week 8:

Notice your project draft is due on Tuesday November 20 by 12:50. This extension has been made so that you have an opportunity to ask us questions about how to analyze your data. With this said I state the following WARNING: the draft's grade will suffer most if the analysis is weak AND you failed to try and get help; so if you are having problems be sure and see us! Monday Office hours Greg 1:30-5:30 and Jim 3:00-4:30. You can stop by at any time but priority will be given to students who make appointments before class meets on Monday.

During X-session this week we will have our second "computational tools" exploration time. We will learn to use maple. here are some potentially useful maple programs .

Week 9:

Rough draft of your final projects are due by 12:50. From 12:00-12:50 Professor Leibon will be in the class room accepting drafts and answering question about how various computations are going. Please either hand in your draft at this time or place under the door of room 308 in Bradley Hall.

We will NOT be Meeting on Wednesday November 21.

Week 10:

Project sharpening week. Monday: the chi^2 test (the final example in class was done incorrectly, here it is done correctly . This will also provide you with another example of using the chi^2 test. Wednesday: more sophisticated uses of our basic hypothesis tests day via the Coke-Pepsi Challenge. Rough drafts will be returned. Friday: a further look at the methods and results from the coke Pepsi challenge as well as more a more detailed look at correlations and histograms via you class scores (where we see a shocking correlation coefficient!). This will include a discussion about how to report if a correlation is significant.

Schedule: The Chance Fair will be in 102 Bradley Hall from 1:30-2:30 on Wednesday December 5, at which point you will unveil your poster board presentations to the world. If you do not want to present at this time you may instead give a ten minute in class discussion about your project on Monday December 3rd, which still must include a poster board that will be displayed at the fair in your absence. E-mail Professor Leibon if you have any questions. The written final project itself must be turned in sometime before 1:00 PM Sunday December 9th (under Professor Leibon's office door 308 Bradley).

On Friday evaluations were handed out. If you missed Friday's lecture and would like to give us some feed back (which we'd appreciate) then please see Betty Harrington in 301 Bradley hall in order to receive a "Math 5, Chance" evaluation form, and return the filled out form back to Betty.

Week 11:

On Monday at class time there will (probably) be some student presentations (so please show up!), and project questions will be answered. On Wednesday is the "Chance Fair" in 102 Bradley Hall from 1:30-2:30.