Mathematics 5, Winter 2000

The World According to Mathematics

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Friday Discussions

On Fridays, the class will be meeting in small groups to discuss the material of the course. Typically we will prepare a hand-out to help guide the discussion. As the class proceeds, the material on the hand-out may be modified depending upon input from the groups. We will post the amended handouts here on this page at the conclusion of each Friday's class.

Here are the handouts week-by-week:


Handout for Friday 1/14

Some Solutions to Handout for Friday 1/14

Handout for Friday 1/21

Handout for Friday 1/28

Handout for Friday 2/4

Handout for Wednesday 2/9

Handout for Friday 2/18

Handout for Monday 2/28

Handout for Wednesday 3/1