Mathematics 5, Winter 2000

The World According to Mathematics

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Student Writing

Half of the midterm and final exams consists of writing a research paper. Because you will be citing from your references, you might want to look at the booklet Sources: Their Use and Acknowledgment, which you received at the beginning of your first year at Dartmouth. If you no longer have this book, the same information is available on the Dartmouth web server under Sources.

Remember too that the Composition Center maintains a website where many issues that arise in writing papers are addressed in the Student Resources section. For example, you can find advice about organization, logic, and style. These all are important issues that you should pay careful attention to as you develop your papers. Good clear thinking and good clear writing go hand in hand. We will talk more about writing as the first assignment approaches.

After the Midterm exam, we will post here some examples of papers written by students in the class.

Here are some papers by past students:
(Download, view and print with (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader.)


Who Was Publius?


Linear Perspective

Radiocarbon Dating