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Winter 2001


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Date: November 21, 2002 (16:36)

Name: Anonymous
Date: April 02, 2002 (16:06)
Comment: how do find math problems for 7th graders

Name: Chail
Date: February 14, 2002 (22:04)
Comment: dimensions 0 to 5 (inclusive) are explained in the oldest but one message. The question is: Whate are the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th dimensions. The answer that they are copies of the infinate parrellel univerii of the 5th dimension seems inaddequate. To look left and right through the 5th dimension is to see through circumstances, to look up and down is to see through time, the frame that you occupy at the time contains dimensions 0 to 3... So what is it to zoom through near and far depths? If this zooming shows you exact relicas of your frame, then i can't see it as a dimension as it does not allow for change!?!

Name: Anonymous
Date: January 02, 2002 (20:53)
Comment: What are the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th,8th,9th, and 10th dimensions in math?

Name: ben wolf
Date: February 26, 2001 (20:13)
Comment: what is the connection between Picasso's Three Musicians and Time

Name: Anonymous
Date: February 13, 2001 (13:08)
Comment: How do we look up the students' papers on adobe once we are in the website?

Name: Johnny Anonymous
Date: January 31, 2001 (06:10)
Comment: Is it OK to just copy the paragraphs from section V as my friend Anonymous so kindly pointed out??

Name: Johnny Knoxville
Date: January 31, 2001 (06:07)
Comment: This paper is no fun...I've been up all night and only have 1 page. I am going to fail. I hope the graders are kinder than they were on my last paper. Sure the incoherent ramblings that are my midterm essay make little to no sense, but c'mon- give a brother a break. That is all...see you in class!!! ;) (the exclamation points means I'm excited, while the smiley face shows that I am just a boob).

Name: Anonymous
Date: January 30, 2001 (14:53)
Comment: It is exceedingly difficult to avoid plagiarism when there is a 3 page, single spaced section of our textbook that directly answers the midterm question. (It is the first section of Unit V.)

Name: Anonymous
Date: January 17, 2001 (01:46)
Comment: What was the title of the assignment? Someone please help! I am trying desperately to write the paper. In addition, does anyone know where the solutions for the math problems are and if we have to submit the math problems for grades. They are so tough!

Name: Anonymous
Date: January 08, 2001 (20:25)
Comment: Biblically, time seems to exist because of the fall of mankind (sin). Time seems to exist because there is this constant awareness that in the fallen world, there is DEATH. The apocalyptic time seem to hard to a final kingdom/age of LIFE. And in that world, there seems to be no time but only ETERNITY. My question is: If there is no death, would there be a measurement of time? Another digression is psychological time. Since as one grows older, the days that pass are relatively a smaller fraction of the life lived so far, thus time seems to "speed up", and time flies when one is growing older. Isn't psychological time linear? Time seems to exist in society especially in ours because the Western form of thinking tends to divide and compartmentalize (differentiation). This is an illusion. Isn't time a flow? How can we cut moments of our lives up like picture stills in movies since life is an organic continuum? Does time even exist if societies do not measure time for industrial production or agricultural production in the earlier days? If entire societies stopped measuring time, would time as we know it exist? Wouldn't it all be a Zen-like flow of consciousness? How can we calibrate psychological time? Are mathematical models of "objective time" a collective illusion? Every one has a different life-span and how can an "objective time" as calibrated by employing mathematical models truly exist for the individual? Isn't that a mass illusion? Isn't love timeless? How can the depth of human feelings be measured by time? Doesn't love make time feel like eternity?

Name: Anonymous
Date: January 07, 2001 (12:39)
Comment: I'm bored, so I'll post a question here, even though it has nothing to do with what we've covered so far. This is just for curiousity's sake. If the zero dimension is an infinitely small point, with no length or width or depth to it, the first dimension is a line of points with length but no width or depth, the second dimension is a line of parallel lines (a plane) with length and width but no depth, and the third dimension is a line of parallel planes (a multi-planar entity such as a cube or sphere) with length width and depth, then doesn't it stand to reason that the fourth dimension, time, is a line of multi-planar realities? That would mean that time does indeed exist in a line fashion, stretching infinitely in two directions, while all reality in the universe exists as individual points on that line. However, if you take it one step further, and the fifth dimension, following the assumed pattern of this argument, is really a line of parallel "timelines," does that mean there are really infinite timelines in existence, each with their own respective universii making up the points of the lines with every moment a separate point? That means that any possible or impossible event or occurence at any given moment is in fact occuring somewhere in those infite universii! And if we dared to go further, would the sixth dimension be a multiplanar existence wherein each plane is made up of infinte realities? If so, there in fact infinite exact copies of our timeline and universe, for to have two separate infinite existences is to repeat each other exactly. So, after all this, here are my final questions. Is this theory at all possible? And perhaps more importantly, what does that mean for us, as human beings in what might be a far vaster reality than we could imagine?

Name: Dwight Lahr
Date: December 15, 2000 (10:50)
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