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Maple Stuff

On this page you will find things related to Maple. Maple is a computer algebra system and as such is very useful for symbolic and numerical calculations. We will be using Maple during the course. Hence, you should proceed right away to install Maple on your computer. It is especially important to do this right away so that we can help if you encounter any problems.

For installation instructions, go to the Mathematics Department Software Resources web page and look at the section on "Maple Information pages." In addition to containing installation instructions for Mac and PC users, it also gives the pointer to a start-up Maple Primer that will allow you to try out Maple on your own. We do not expect you to write programs in Maple, but to be able to use and modify those Maple worksheets that you are given.

Later, we will be adding to this page Maple worksheets that we will be using in class and that you can download onto your own machines. In particular, we will be sending secret messages to each other using Maple.


Class Demos

(The downloadable files are compressed in Aladdin's ".sit" format. If need be,
get the free expander from the Aladdin website to unstuff them.)

Maple Worksheets Date
Class #2: ISBN Algorithm January 7, 2002
Class #3: Pythagorean Triples January 9, 2002
Class #14: Prime Number Tester February 4, 2002


RSA Encryption Worksheets and Homework

RSA Public Key Algorithm

Secret Messages in Math 5: Instructions

String to Number

Encoding Secret Messages

Decoding Secret Messages

Number to String

Homework for Monday, Feb. 11




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