Computer Resources for ( Math 5 )

During this course you will need to be able to utilize some sort of data analysis program. Microsoft's Excel program is a common choice and one that the instructors can give support to. It is available on public by going to "Licensed Software", then "KeyServer Controlled Software", the "Full Support", then "Excel 4.0". This folder contains both the programs and sundry useful material. If you are having trouble loading this program, using public, or using Excel there are various forms of help available to you. For more sophisticated computational needs we will utilize the Maple computer program. Maple is also available on public. Here is some help regarding down loading Maple 7 to a Mac and here is some help for loading it onto a PC (these links are down, I will find out why).

You will also need to be able to use various databases to retrieve information and statistics. The college pays BIG BUCKS so that you have access to many digital data collection. If you are having problems accessing these collections then help is available (these links are changed I will find out why).

Here is how I Randomly choose a student.