Partial Errata


A Self-teaching Guide, Statistics, by Donald J. Koosis,

fourth edition (amazingly!)

Errors that caused actual stress and confusion:

Page 11, cell D2 in the Excel table has a "2" in it that should be a "3".

Page 27 in the first block the 5 is a data value and should be above the line.

Page 37 problem 52's answer replace "STEDVP" with "STDEVP"

Page 39 the fifth solution "square-root of 15 PLUS 3.87" should be "square-root of 15 EQUALS 3.87"

Page 57 answer to problem 59 the "0.9 (9/10)" should not be interpreted as multiplication and should probably read "0.9 (=9/10)", at least making it consistent with other such uses (see page 58 number 61).

Page 84 in the answer to problem 25, replace "sigma equal 0.1 divided by square-root 36=..." with "sigma subscript x bar equal 0.1 divided by square-root 36=..."

Page 85 Problem 28, replace "suppose that m is not known." with "suppose that mu is not known."

Page 86 replace "x=25.00" with "x bar = 25.00."

Page 102 (middle), replace "x bar plus or minus t_0 EQUALS s divided by square-root of n" with "x bar plus or minus t_0 TIMES s divided by square-root of n"

Page 112 the solution is wrong. "P<0.5" should be replaced with "P>0.5" and the critical region should have "p <= 3/15" replacedv with "p => 12/15".

On page 113 in the left-hand margin where it is explaining how to enter information into a spreadsheet to find the Critical Values, the P that they give is .05 when in fact it should be .5

Page 137 The critical region should read that z is greater than or equal or 2.58 or z is smaller than or equal to -2.58 (it currently reads the reverse)

Page 162 "x_4 = 10" should be replaced with "x_4=2.5"

Page 163 On problem 34, it should read that s ^2 = ns^2 sub x (it currently just says s on the lefthand side of the equation instead of s squared)

Page 172 here are three errors on this page!

First of all, n1 should equal 3, not 5.

Second, n2 should equal 7, not 6.

Third, on that chart is says that the sum of X sub T squared = 65, when really it should just be the sum of X sub T = 65 (i.e. there is an erroneous squared sign).

Page 190 the 6th column 1st row entry of the answer table should be a "-1" not a "-2".

Page 195 the "84" in answer at the top of the page should be a "46".

Page 215 in the first row of the chart, (f-F) should = -5, not 5.

Page 215 in the fourth row of the chart (f-F) should= -12.5, not 12.5.

Page 233 those "Chi" and "Chi^2" symbols at the top should be "sum x" and "sum x^2" respectively. !pi

Page 235 the big formula needs to be fixed (either it is missing parentheses or their are sign errors, your choice for fixing.)

Page 249 formula for Chi-Squared needs a summation symbol.

Typesetting and Grammar Errors:

Warning: Throughout the text the square-roots are very small looking and it is often unclear whether they encompass the denominators of the expression they are being applied to. See for example page 79, where all square-roots do encompass the denominators, though as written this is not clear.

Page 49 "Is" should be "Are"

Page 89 problem 38 answer (d) unreadable comma: "...0.755, z_0..."

Page 90 problem 45 answer unreadable semicolon "...0.34; mu..."