Mathematics 5, Winter 2010

The World According to Mathematics

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Friday Discussions

Typically on Fridays, we will have student presentations and discussion. We will say more about this in class. Any handouts related to Friday will be posted below on Thursday to help guide the next day's discussion.

Here is a list of the Group Presentations. There you will find the names of those in your group so that you can contact them to get organized.

Here will be the handouts for class discussion week-by-week:


•For Friday 1/8: See the quote in the Homework for week 1.

Handout for Fridays 1/15, 1/22

Handout for Friday 1/29
We will also have a presentation by Ann Perbohner, Math and Physical Sciences Librarian. She will teach the tools you will need for your Research-paper Final, and the remaining Group Presentations.

Handout for Wednesday 2/3

Handout for Friday 2/19