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Maple Stuff

On this page you will find things related to Maple. Maple is a computer algebra system and as such is very useful for symbolic and numerical calculations. We will be using Maple during the course. Hence, you should install Maple on your computer.

From the Dartmouth web site, download and install the appropriate version of Maple 15 for your computer. I want to emphasize that Maple MUST be installed as a NETWORK license, and you must be on campus or use vpn to do this: download link for both Mac and PC users.

Once you have installed Maple you can download the following worksheet:

It will show you how to use a few beginning features of Maple. Make sure you activate the initial lines of a cell in the worksheet, by putting the cursor at the end of the line and hitting return. We do not expect you to write programs in Maple, but to be able to use and modify those Maple worksheets that you are given.

Later, we will be adding to this page Maple worksheets that we will be using in class and that you can download onto your own machines. In particular, we will be sending secret messages to each other using Maple.


Class Demos

Here you will find class demos that use Maple.
Maple Worksheets Date
Week 3: ISBN Algorithm January 18, 2012
Week 3: Pythagorean Triples January 18, 2012
Week 5: Prime Number Tester February 1, 2012
Week 5: Prime Number Tester-m5w12 February 3, 2012
Week 8-9: Euler, phi, and mod exponentials February 24, 2012
Week 8-9: Modulo with Large Numbers February 24, 2012
Week 8-9: Prime Number Tester -- m5w12-2 February 24, 2012


RSA Instructions and Tools

RSA Encryption Worksheets and Homework

Here you will find what you need to encode and decode secret messages in Math 5.

How RSA Works-1 [This is part 1 of an introduction in pdf.]

How RSA Works-2 [This is part 2 of an introduction in pdf.]

RSA Public Key Algorithm-v1 [full intro version with small numbers]

Secret Messages in Math 5: Instructions

String to Number

Encode Numerical Message

Decode Numerical Message

Number to String

RSA Public Key Algorithm-v2 [if you need not create the keys because they all are given]

Encoded Message- decode this message in class on Wednesday, Feb. 29.

Extra Credit- decode this message and
hand it in with your final paper on Mar. 10.




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