Math 60 - Probability - Spring 2002

Text: Introduction to Probability, (second Edition), by Grinstead and Snell.

Grade: Your grade will be determined as follows: a midterm exam (30%), a final exam (40%), Homework (10%), and a small project (20%).

Homework: Homework assignments can be found in the homework log. Homework assignments will always be broken into two parts, the to be turned in part and the optional to turn in part. You should always do all the problems and turn any thing you are not confident about so that you can get some feed back on it. The in class half of the exams we be comprised mostly of slightly modified homework problems so before the exams you should make sure you understand how to do all the problems assigned form the book.

Exams: The midterm and final will each have two parts. The in class part which will be comprised mostly of slightly modified homework problems, book examples and class examples. You may also be asked to do routine tasks like state definitions and theorems. The take home part will be a collection of more challenging problems and will determine 70% the grade associated to the exam.

Project: The best way to learn probability is to do probability and this project will give you the opportunity to do some probability. You will be asked to simulate a probability question of your own. Suggested topics the meaning of this admittedly rather vague request will be provided.

Honor policy: Collaboration is encouraged during the process of thinking about homework problems and your projects. In fact if you would like to work on your projects in small groups thats fine with me. However no collaboration of any form is acceptable during exams, and (expect when explicitly stated on the exam) the use of any references other than your class notes and our book is not acceptable.

Students with disabilities: I encourage students with disabilities, including "invisible" disabilities like chronic diseases and learning disabilities, to discuss with me any appropriate accommodations that might be helpful.