Probability ( Math 60) Syllabus

Math 60 is an introductory course on probability. The course will have two components an exploratory simulation based component where we will explore several interesting advanced probability ideas and a more "down to earth" traditional component where we will familiarize ourselves with the basics of mathematical probability. One of the main goals of the exploratory aspect of this course is to leave with you with tools that will enable you to set up and simulate your own probability experiments. In the process of developing these tools we will take a look into some interesting advanced topics ideas like Brownian motion, streak theory and stochastic differential equations. In the "down to earth part of the course" we will introduce to the basic mathematical concepts used in probability and in the process develop a consistent way to articulate and interpret the results of our simulations. In order to accomplish this we will be covering chapters 1-9 of this book (scroll down to see the table of contents).