Math 60 Log

Week 1 (March 29- April 2) :

Homework (DUE Friday April 9th) 1.1 numbers 14 and 15. Homework (ROUTINE, Quiz Friday April 2) section 1.2 numbers 1-10 and 14-16.

Obscure times X-hour: On Thursday either from 11:00-12:00 or from 12:00-1:00 please show up at the Jones Media center to learn to use maple. Here is a version of the program we created.

Here is our uniformly random quiz code: quiz , and our book.

Week 2 (April 5- April 9) :

Please read carefully chapters 1 and 2 as soon as possible. Homework (DUE Friday April 16th) 2.1 numbers 6 and 7. Homework (ROUTINE, Quiz CHANGED to Monday April 12) section 2.2 numbers 2-8 and 12-16.

On Friday last week's simulations are due. Comments: Feel free to use whatever language you want (Maple, C++, Java, ETC...) to produce you simulations. If you use a language other than Maple, then please briefly explain what you intended for your code to do. You will turn in three things for each problem: (1) the code, (2) the simulations results, and (3) the conclusions you made based on these simulations. You can either (1) Blitz these components to me, (2) print them out and turn them in, or (3) post them on a web site and send me the URL (this last option would be the most convenient for me).

Week 3 (April 12- April 16) :

Please read carefully chapter 3 . Homework (DUE Wednesday April 28th ). 3.1 numbers 19 and 22, and 3.2 number 34. Homework (ROUTINE, Quiz Monday April 19) section 3.1 numbers 1-8 and 3.2 numbers 6,10-12,22-26 Wednesday April 14 attendance at today's Kemeny Lecture, is extra credit. On Friday last week's simulations are due, see comments above.

Week 4 (April 19- April 23) :

This weeks Required material: Read carefully chapter 4. Homework section 4.1 numbers 1-7,40-45 (ROUTINE, Will be comprise 2 problems on Monday April 26's exam) and 4.2 numbers 1-5 (will show up on the next Quiz).

The homework due this Wednesday has been postponed until next Wednesday.

Friday April 23rd: guest lecture by Laurie Snell!

Week 5 (April 26- April 30) :

Monday: In-class midterm exam covering the first 4 weeks of the course. (Chapters 1-4.1 and material concerning any in-class discussions form the first 3 weeks. Chapter 4/Week 4 will only be covered in the sense that 2 SLIGHTLY modified problems from last week's chapter 4.1 homework will be on the exam.)

Wednesday: Read Chapter 5 as soon as possible. Recall: 3.1 numbers 19 and 22, and 3.2 number 34 are due today. We will continue conditional probity.

Friday: We will begin studying chapter 5 in class today. Homework from chapter 5 (DUE Monday May 10 5.1 numbers 37, and 5.2 numbers 34,35) AND (ROUTINE, a Quiz on these problems will be held on Friday May 7th) section 5.1 numbers 2,7,8,9,18,24,30,42 and 5.2 numbers 2,10,17.

Week 6 (May 3 - May 7) :

Monday: We continue chapter 5.

Wednesday: Well we continue chapter 5.

I have changed my Tuesday from 1:00-2:00 office hours to Thursday from 12:00-1:00. Hence on Thursdays, I will be available from 12-2 (and 2-4 if people are there).

Friday: The chapter 5 quiz is today and we begin chapter 6. Homework for chapter 6 (ROUTINE, Quiz on these problems on Monday May 17: section 6.1 numbers 6,12,14,15,16,19,20,29 and section 6.2 numbers 2,4,15,27 and section 6.3 numbers 2,6,10,26,27) AND (DUE Wednesday May 19 6.1 numbers 25 and 26).

Week 7 (May 10 - May 13) :

Monday: Well we are doing a little slow down and compute time. To help you review and verify our results: A Compendium of Common Probability Distributions. We will decide on the rest of the weeks schedule today....

Tuesday: We meet at our X-hour time, and not on Friday.

Wednesday: We will discuss your project.

Friday: GreenKey begins, class moved to Tuesday's X-hour.

Week 8 (May 17 - May 21) :

Monday: Chapter 7 begins (and maybe ends, it is very short!) (Problems 7.1 3,5,6 and 7.2 5,9).

Wednesday chapter 7 ends, Chapter 8 begins (it might also end very soon, it is short and SWEET!) (8.1 5,7,8,10 and 8.2 1,2,8)

Friday: Time for you to work on your simulations projects, and we do not meet (our early term X-sessions made up for this day).

Week 9 (May 24 - May 28) :

Monday: Guest lecture Peter Doyle, and something about Markov chains.

Wednesday: Chapter 8 ends and and chapter 9 begins.

Friday: Chapter 9 finished. No Quiz (not legal, sorry). HW chapter 9 (9.1:1,3,4,10,12,17) and (9.2: 1,2,5,6,11) and (9.3:3,4,10,14)

Week 10 (May 30-June 2) :

Monday: First day of pre-examination break, we do not meet .

Tuesday X-hour: Final Exam review session. Part of the final exam will consist of randomly select problems from those assigned from chapters 7,8, and 9. We will use this same random number generator to produce our review session.

Wednesday: Last day of class, probably a little ditty on Markov chains and John Kemeney (Chapter 11).

Final Exam: Due by Monday, June 7th at 6:00 P.M.